Thermárium  Városi  Uszoda  Gönc 
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The Thermárium Városi Uszoda take place in Gönc which is in the foot

of mountain in picturesque environment. The swimming pool is situated hier,

in the small town of nearly 2500 inhabitants and it is situated behind the

Károlyi Gáspár Primary School, at 1/A Barackfa utca.

The construction of the swimming pool started in february of 2007, then

18.04.2008 was opened the institution.

The functional seed of the building mean the 6x12,5 m training pool

and the 11x25 m 4 lanes schwimming pool. (see Galerry).

The cubicle can use by disabled, beause barrier cubicle, shower, toalet was

developed near the training pool, which providing an opportunity for

An outside social unit and a dining (own, put dishes) providing room belongs

to the lobby, which is also accessible from the swimming pool.

Thank you for visiting our website, and we look forward a lot of love!













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